​Wellmind is one of the leading printed circuit board suppliers in the world . With our mission to be the best one-stop interconnected solution supplier, we provide the most wide-ranging product portfolio including PCB, IMS, Rigid-Flex, Flexible Circuit, Rogers....


We offer a wide range of Printed Circuits Board with impedance controlled, high-level technologies, blind and burried via hole, copper filled, heavy copper, special material,etc...We strive to continuously enhance our product range to meet the market requirements, but more importantly to anticipate and meet future market trends.


Experts in the fields of technology, quality, quality control, sales, and logistics we secure a successful life cycle of your PCB project.

Whatever your project is, we take care of our customers who feel comfortable sourcing with us.

Technology you can trust

Our goal is to provide PCB with high quality and effective solutions to boost your business, be it small or a large company.


Our factory is specialized to produce any kind of PCB from high tecnology to medium - low volume in order for you to you achieve your success and have all that you need with only one supplier.

The company mission is to support the continuous growth of global electronic industry.


We provide the best PCB value to our customers with quality products and services at competitive price

in a manner consistent with high environmental and ethical standards.

From one board to...thousands of boards - we offer it all.

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